Morning Bliss with a Sprinkle of Sexy Dreams…

CoffeeandCordycepsFinalRainy Sunday mornings in autumn are not to be ignored.  Wake up and savour this time!

First, get your Songza on; my suggestion is to pick any playlist with Sam Cooke, because let’s face it, Sam Cooke`s music is made for these moments. Indulge in the fact that you can sway around in your housecoat and brew yourself a good strong cup of coffee.

I have set up a “café” in my living room. Now that the weather has turned, I have taken in my two-person patio set and have positioned it right beside a large window. I pour my cup of java and instead of a typical cream and sugar mix, I sprinkle in a little additional magic….

What is that light fluffy powder that I’m about to stir into my coffee? Cordyceps powder. Cordyceps is a type of medicinal mushroom that has some amazing libido raising properties as well as a host of other healing benefits. You can do your own research on this mushroom if you wish, but to sum it up for you, I use this mushroom for the enhanced sexual feelings and for strengthening my adrenals. It’s best to use it on a daily basis to experience these benefits (especially the sexy dreams you’ll experience that somehow get conjured up over time…), but a little here and there is still valuable.

Sip your extraordinary coffee and indulge in your blissful morning while staring out at the dew on your window. Slow down and enjoy the simple things!

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