Rock and Roll Food Friday #2! The Beatles!

I love The Beatles. I grew up listening to them over and over because they were my oldest sister’s favourite band. Tragically my sister passed away a few months ago. We played songs from The Beatles for an hour before her funeral service began. I think she would have liked that.

In memory of her, I have been listening to The Beatles more often these last few months. So today’s Rock and Roll Friday is dedicated to my sister, Cam.

I made some “All You Need is Love Linguine” this evening for dinner. I found this pasta recipe through Jamie Oliver’s website, GET IT HERE! The only changes I made were using linguine noodles instead of spaghetti, and only using a 375g box of pasta. I think it turned out beautifully!

So delicious and simple!


The evening was chilly outside, so this warm plate of food was perfect!  I added some artisan cheese bread, real grated Parmesan cheese, and a little side caesar (recipe for the best homemade caesar salad dressing to come in another blog!). I had my dinner with a nice glass of Malbec, which always makes me a nicer, more patient parent. As The Beatles played in the background, I explained to the kids how popular they were. Erin (age 11) took a look at their faces and thought they weren’t very good looking, so she couldn’t understand how teenage girls could be fainting at their concerts.  Oh Erin, so young… so naive… it was THE BEATLES!

James (age 10) commented that he thought, “All you need is Love” was a nice song. Erin chimed in that if James began liking the Beatles, he would probably get teased at school. I explained to Erin that people should be allowed, and even encouraged to like all sorts of music! The broader your scope, the more you can relate with others. All sorts of music fills the world, it’s good to taste a spoonful of each genre as you go through your years of life. You have to give it a good chance to sink in and decide if it’s for your listening pleasure, or not. Just then, “Here Comes the Sun” began to play. The kids lit up!

“We know this song!”

“From where?” I asked.

“From the Bee Movie!” James said.

I have to hand it to some of the kid’s movie makers out there. It’s like they caught on that parents didn’t especially want to sit though children’s cartoon movies without a little something for themselves to keep them entertained as well…. so they began adding a little “nod” to the parents in the room. I have watched the Shrek movies and must say that I find they do a great job of entertaining the adults!

We had a satisfying dinner. Mark and I lied down on the couch afterwards and totally passed out for an hour. Good ol’ simply carbs. Always make sure you have a place to crash after a Friday night pasta indulgence like this. Life is short! Eat a plate of paste once in a while! *Cheers*!


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