The Heavenly Hummus Bowl!

It’s late Sunday afternoon and you are staring into the fridge looking for a snack.  I bet you have been standing there way too long.  You don’t feel like making anything.

Here’s your solution:

The Hummus Bowl! 

Hummus Bowl

I’m a chip lover.  Anything salty and crunchy and I will eat an entire bag of it… which is why I cannot keep chips in my home.  Errr…. Can anyone say, “Netflix marathon, stuffing my face until I get to the crumbs at the bottom”?  *licks fingers*

Did I eat all that???  Yep!  I sure did.  Now I feel like shit.

I’ve created an alternative.  My Heavenly Hummus Bowl, BABY!!

If you are not into making the hummus from scratch, you can easily buy some at the store pre-made and delicious.  But, if you’re like me and you love to cook, you can quickly and easily make your very own.

All I did was chop up some cukes, add some cherry tomatoes for some zing, and throw some crackers in there.  The crackers I buy are from Costco.  They’re gluten free and all that jazz.  I had stocked up on so many of them -you know Costco- that these ones are actually expired, but still taste perfect!  Yussss!

Mary's Organic Crackers

The hummus I made is about as simple as it comes.  

But first, an important tip:  If you are not used to eating beans and do not want to be gassy or burpy, I suggest you take a Beano beforehand.  But don’t worry, your body adapts the more you eat these kinds of foods.

Here’s the easy recipe:

19 oz. can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained.  (Less if you want it smoother. Also, reserve some of the liquid for your hummus to smooth it out, or you can use a little water, around ¼ cup or so.)

4 Tbsp olive oil (plus more to drizzle on top)

1 tsp sea salt

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

2 tsp lemon juice

Throw it all in a mixer and it’s ready before you can say, “Is there a new season of House of Cards coming out or what??”

Heavenly Hummus Bowl

Now, if you wanted to make it more extravagant, you could cook the chickpeas yourself, and buy a fresh lemon and add all sorts of other delectable ingredients, but this wicked step momma ain’t going through the trouble today.

You’ll have to excuse me, Netflix awaits!

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