The Husband Smoothie!

I abandon smoothies in the winter.  It is cold outside… the smoothies are cold…. I’m cold.  No thanks.

But March is quickly approaching and the weather has been beautiful, so I’m incorporating them back in!  My husband, however, doesn’t have a taste for the green smoothies.  This year I’m hoping to change that, so I’ve made up a “beginner” smoothie for him.  Basically, it contains more sweetness than typical green smoothies.  You have to start somewhere!

I also bought him a manly glass jar to take with him when he leaves for work.  He loves it!  Just kidding.  He doesn’t really love it.  I love it though!  And at least he has been humouring me and trying the smoothies I’ve been making him.  I’ve finally nailed one that he’ll drink.

Here’s the delicious recipe:

1 cup raw spinach

1 cup water

(Blend water and spinach first to make it more smooth)

½ to 1 cup of frozen strawberries

2 small green apples

½ a banana

½ avocado

Blend and serve.


The avocado really emulsifies the entire smoothie, which means you won’t need to down it all within 15 minutes as it will keep its velvety smooth texture for quite a while.

I know what you’re thinking.  That’s a lot of fruit!  Yep.  I thought so too, but the fibre from the spinach and avocado will help to slow the absorption of sugar.  Plus, like I mentioned earlier, you have to start somewhere to develop a taste for the greens.  If you make people drink smoothies they don’t like, two things can happen: They will quit drinking them, or they will hate you.  Or both.  I want my husband to love me, so I’m starting him off with this great smoothie!

Of course, if you put this smoothie in a cute womanly cup, you can just call it “The Wife Smoothie!” or, “The Kick Ass Single Woman Smoothie!”  Or “I’m a Total Fuckin’ Babe Smoothie!”.  Whatever works for you!

Try it out! 

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