My own personal Rock and Roll Friday! Guns N’ Roses!

Do you ever feel intimidated when trying something new?  I know I do.  I decided to start going to the gym.  I planned an early Spin class this morning!

I’ve never taken a spin class so didn’t know what to expect.  I arrived at the gym and felt lost and out of place, but I knew that that was part of trying something new, so I just went with it. I found my locker, changed, and made my way to the class.  I got lost.  Literally.  I had to ask someone who worked there where I was.  I finally found the class, albeit a little late.  As I opened the door to the room, I was just about blown away by Axl Rose’s voice yelling through the speakers… “Welcome to the Jungle, we got fun and games….!”  What the?  Right on!  Ohhhhh…. I think I’m going to like spin class!

The class was about half full, I sat down on a bike and got into the groove.  There were mirrors on the wall so I was able to see myself and everyone else; an eclectic group, young and old.  The music was great for this class!  It ranged from Guns N’ Roses, to Green Day, to Nirvana.  (I think they call this classic rock now.  Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel old at all….)  

Just when I started to feel a little more comfortable, a young girl around 25 walked in and sat on the bike right next to me.  She was fit, gorgeous, and sporting a tight pink outfit with purple runners.  Are you fucking kidding me?  There I sat in my black tank top, grey work-out pants and old beat up white and blue runners.


Not one to feel defeated easily, I decided this was a good thing, it would help me push myself more because I could be inspired by how fit she was!  Every once in a while I snuck a glance at her screen to see what gear she was in and how fast she was going, this way I could gauge my own speed.  For an hour I huffed and puffed and did as the instructor asked.  I was sweating like a pig and noticed that this girl was hardly perspiring at all!  I think she knew I was looking at her screen.  I kept pushing myself, I was peddling so fast that I felt like my legs were going to fly off of my body!   The loud music raged in the air!  Everything felt crazy! I glanced over at her and she smiled sweetly.  What a bitch. (She’s probably really nice.) I tried to smile back but I probably looked like a sweaty psycho at that point.  Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, the class finally ended.  Thank God.      

I left, practically crawling out from exhaustion.  I wanted to go home and make a huge breakfast, I had never felt so hungry!

I went home to make, “Gun’s N’ Roses… Appetite For Breakfast!”

Slash discography

I got home and cranked the G n’ R.  This breakfast was going to be incredible.  It ended up being so easy and I only used one pan.  Here’s how you can make this hearty breakfast plate for yourself:

While I cooked my maple bacon, I was able to assemble all of my ingredients:

Around ¼ to 1/3 chopped white onion

1 minced garlic

A few roughly chopped cherry tomatoes

A couple of handfuls of spinach (you can use kale, or Swiss chard -cut out the stems)

2 eggs

Small amount of shredded cheddar cheese

Piece of Rye bread.

After the bacon had cooked, I put it to the side for later, drained the fat out of the pan, and gave it a quick wipe.  There was still enough oil in it to throw in the onions.  I kept it at medium heat and cooked them around 5 minutes and then threw in the garlic, spinach, and tomatoes.  I cooked it until the spinach wilted, around 5 minutes or so.  Then I pushed the spinach mixture to the side of the pan and cracked both eggs.  I added a splash of water to the pan and put a cover on the entire thing.  I basted the eggs until the yolk was a little firm.  A few minutes.  During this time I toasted and buttered the bread and I also poured myself some milk.  I threw the food on a plate, sprinkled the eggs with the cheese and cracked pepper.  I added a couple of pieces of bacon on the side and sat down for a feast! 


I reflected on my experience and decided that I really hoped to see the gorgeous girl with the purple runners at the gym again.  She really motivated me!  As I love to say, you have to start somewhere! 

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