Comfort Food! Welcome to your Perogy Party!

Have you ever thought about your favourite childhood meal?  I know for many of us, Kraft Dinner might be the ol’ “go to” as a childhood favourite, but really, its garbage and we all know it, so I don’t want my kids having it as their “childhood memory meal”.  

They love that crap though, and I get it, but the kids need to be reminded of how junkie it really is. When I go with them to the grocery store, every time we pass by the Kraft Dinner, they ask, “Can we buy a box of Kraft Dinner!?”.  And every time, I pretend like I’m half deaf and I say, “What?  What? You want to buy ‘Crap Shitter’?  Why would you want to buy something called ‘Crap Shitter’?!”  For some reason the kids laugh their heads off about this.  It never gets old.  Sometimes when one of them has a friend over, they will come up from downstairs and say, “Tell little Tommy what you call Kraft Dinner!” I look up from my coffee and nonchalantly say, “Crap Shitter.” And predictably they laugh and laugh.  I just shrug my shoulders.  I guess I’m a fucking comedian.   

Point is, I don’t want the kids to have this junk as their favourite childhood food.  I think we can do better!  This is why I strive to make homemade versions of many of those boxed “meals”.   (Sidenote:  I made a vegan homemade “Cheese” and macaroni dish.  Let’s just say their tastebuds aren’t there yet.) 

I started really thinking about foods from my childhood because one of my besties just had her birthday the other day.  At the age of 12, could she ever make a mean deep fried perogy dish!  I used to beg her to make it for me and because she was such a great friend, she would. Those perogies were amazing. I began pondering the people who have come through my life over the years and the amount of beautiful food I have shared with family and loved ones.  The more I thought about it, the more I started to get a hankerin’ for those perogies!  So I rushed down to the Farmer’s Market and picked up these handmade Ukrainian bundles of joy! 

Of course, perogies are a high source of simple carbs, so I had to offset this with half a plate of greens to feel good about myself.  I choose green beans.  Feel free to choose whatever greens you want. 



A bag of Perogies

1 pack of Maple Bacon

1 chopped white Onion

2 Garlic Cloves

Very large amount of green beans or whatever green veggie you want.

GreenBeanSteamer1.  Get your steamer going and throw the green beans in there. Around 20 minutes or whatever your steamer indicates.  (Sidenote: A steamer has been by far my easiest and favourite kitchen tool.)  Once done, put in medium sized bowl to the side.

2.  Cook bacon at the same time. Put in bowl off to the side.  Drain bacon fat from pan.  Do not pour down sink unless you want to pay a bunch of money for plumbing problems.  Your insurance won’t cover that disaster, by the way. 

3.  Give the pan a quick wipe with a paper towel and allow for a little bit of oil to remain. Then sauté your chopped onion.  Put in bowl off to the side.

4.  But before sautéing your onion, if you want to time this right, boil water in large pot, and then add your perogies. Of course I lowered the crazy boil so that the rumbling water wouldn’t tear the delicate perogies apart. Once the perogies surfaced, I threw them into the pan I had just cooked the onions in with a little butter on medium heat. 

5.  With your pan still hot, you can then sauté a couple of cloves of minced garlic with your steamed green beans and a little olive oil. This will give a nice flavour to the beans. (You can always just drizzle olive oil on the beans and throw on some garlic salt if you want to keep this a little more simple.) 

A plate of comfort food deliciousness was the result.  Throw a dollop of sour cream on the side, a sprinkle of some salt and pepper, and you’ll be wondering why you don’t make this dish more often!  


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