This is 40! 15 Lessons I’ve learned so far!

Counting down from fifteen…

#15:  Do some travelling! Climbing a mountain will tell you a lot about yourself.


#14:  Sitting in the vehicle’s passenger seat in heavy traffic will tell you a lot about the driver. If you’re the driver, it should tell you a lot about yourself.

#13:  Marriage is not just a piece of paper. A vow shouldn’t be taken lightly.

#12:  Death will happen, and the sooner you are at peace with knowing that our lives are finite (and still beautiful), the better off you will be.


#11:  Celebration and ceremony are important. Make time for this in your life.


#10:  Realize that as you approach your 40’s, the amount of weddings and baby showers you attend will start to decrease as the number of funerals may start to increase.


#9:  Your body will not be as forgiving as you get older. Learn to cook healthy food. Start eating more veggies. Eat less farmed meat.  This guy will thank you for it:


#8:  Don’t waste a bunch of money on fancy clothing. Spend your money on nourishing food. A healthy body can look great in a $40 outfit.

#7:  I was taught how to stay out of debt, but I was never taught how to save money until I started educating myself about finances. I wish someone would have told me the 10% rule when I began earning money. If you want to start somewhere or just remind yourself of good habits, read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason.

#6:  My mom used to say, “Bird’s of a feather flock together”, and she was right. Take some time to figure out your values so you can choose the people you spend time with accordingly. Time is precious. (Sidenote: It’s okay to have a few friends who are loose cannons to make life interesting, just don’t get too caught up with their drama.)

He looks like a loose cannon.

#5:  Sometimes you’ll learn the hard way. Lessons are constantly coming at us, if we don’t learn from it, the same lesson will keep coming.

#4: There are moments in your life that you will need to get angry to make an important change.  Choose your anger sparingly and wisely.


#3: Listen to a lot of music; all different kinds. Let your taste in music change and evolve instead of always listening to the same music you listened to at 20 years old.


#2: Read a lot of books. Make efforts to master your first language so that your communication skills are phenomenal. You will have a better life for this.


#1: And most importantly….laugh often!  Don’t take yourself so seriously.


*All photo credits go to Ryan McGuire, except for the random girl at the top of the mountain who took the picture of Mark and I.

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