Summer Solstice Magic!

Well folks, I’m going to make this short and sweet cause I have some celebrating to do. It’s the Summer Solstice and it’s time to enjoy the longest day of the year! There’s something magical about this day that I like to capture… is it the heat? The bright sun? Or simply knowing it’s the beginning of my favourite season? Something feels more alive and vibrant in the air.

The kids are away for the night and my husband and I are on vacation. We’re celebrating with a long walk in our city’s beautiful green river valley and a roaring fire this evening.

On the menu are: Berries! Lots of berries! They’re ripe, juicy and packed with all sorts of cosmic goodness. Eat a few handfuls and they’ll be doing a little jungle dance through your body that keeps you feeling energized all day.

Summer Solstice Berries June 2016

The best part of the day? There’s also a full moon this evening!

My advice is to make this the summer you nourish your body, give your loved ones lots of snuggles, dance in the sunlight and howl at the moon whenever you get the chance.

Stay wild and free my friends!

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