School Lunches and Peanut Butter Madness!

It’s September and first things first, it’s back to school and parents are freaking out about peanut butter!  Or, more specifically the ban on peanut butter.  I’m surprised there isn’t rioting in front of elementary schools.  One side with parents holding picket signs, “Schools are no place for peanut butter!”  The other side with signs reading, “What the hell am I supposed to feed my kid?”SunButter

Yes, it’s frustrating.  But it doesn’t need to be.  The fact is that kids can die from a peanut, and being around young kid’s for a few years now, I can tell you, they don’t always think about life threatening allergies the way we do.

Lucky for us, there are other options.  Of course my kids love peanut butter, but you know what else we’ve discovered?  Sunflower Seed Butter!  Yes!  We can put down the signs, folks!  Check it out!———–>

I made up a delicious lunch that works without peanut butter, and you can too! 

Sunflower Seed Lunch.jpg

I toasted some rye bread, then spread some SunButter and banana slices on top.   It was time for the kid approved test…if one doesn’t like something, then I have a harder time trying to get the next one on board, so I separated them all and got them to try it one by one.

James was the first and he’s the pickiest.  I sat him at the table with the new lunch and leaned over the counter staring at him to gauge his reaction…. annnnnd….Thumb’s up!  They all ended up liking it!  It’s a winner!  (If your kid is picky, decorate it with some chocolate chips to get them to try it.)

I added in some cheese and crackers, sliced cukes, some juice and, Voila!  Everyone’s happy!  (Well, except Curtis, he hates cukes, I gave him carrots instead…)  Packed and ready to go!

Lunch Bag

I used these crackers that I bought from Costco.  I swear Costco should be paying me, I endorse a ton of their food on my blog!  (You listening Costco??)Multi-grain crackers

These crackers are full of fancy seeds and grains and they’re gluten free.

This whole lunch can easily be gluten free if your kid has an intolerance or allergy, just switch out the rye bread.

Also, if you want real juice, make sure you buy the juice boxes that list “100% juice” on them.  It’s not pure juice if it says “fruit drink” or whatever else.

And there you have it, one less thing for you to worry about.  Kid’s lunches don’t have to be so stressful after all!  Monkey Lunch

P.S.  You can also pack this as your own lunch, maybe just trade out the monkey lunch bag.

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