#1 Remedy for Younger Skin!

Have you looked in the mirror lately and thought to yourself, “Oh hell no!  When did this happen?”

No?  Is it just me?

The sun spots and puffiness seems to be mocking me these days, never mind the laugh lines.  How did this happen?  ….hmmm… should I mention that I’ve drank a lot of wine in the last few years?… that probably didn’t help.  Sun worshiping is also a favourite past time….  You just can’t win.  Am I supposed to stay completely sober in a dark house all summer?  Not likely!

Sunshine and wine!

Alright, so my skin may not be perfect, but I still know the best remedy around:

#1 Remedy for problem skin?  EAT WELL!!  I know, it sounds too simple to be true, but that is the foundation for great looking skin.  Sure there’s the sun damage and aging and hormonal stuff that can pop up, and there are an assortment of great products out there that can certainly help, but #1 is cleaning up your body and feeding it the building blocks to glowing skin.

Which brings us to beets:

I hated beets as a kid, but now that I know how to cook an outstanding and tasty beet borscht, they’re one of my favourite foods.  Why are beets so healthy?

They clean up your liver!  A clean and robust liver usually gives us outstanding skin.  The liver is the filter in your body, it simple terms, it decides what is nourishing us and what is poisoning us.  So if we feed it good food, it rewards us with feeling and looking great.

Here’s the recipe for the tasty hearty beet borscht I made.  I used a recipe from a book called Full Moon Feast.  I can’t say enough about this book.  If you’re into seasonal cooking and conscious eating, it’s a winner!


I just want to say, I did not have all of these ingredients on hand so this beet borscht is really more, like, half of this recipe.  It was still fabulous.


One thing I do use quite regularly in my kitchen is stock.  Buying pre-made chicken and beef stock from the store has been a fucking joke.  They taste like brown water….until I found these:  betterthan-bouillon-variety

There’s even a vegetable base for vegetarians.  They also come in organic.  Read the labels to figure out which one is gluten free.  These are more tasty than any I’ve ever bought.  I buy mine from, you guessed it, Costco!  (Once again, Costco isn’t paying me to tell you about their awesome products, but if they gave me money,  I would totally take it.)

So with the cold chill at your doorstep, do yourself a favour and make up a nice hot pot of this skin cleansing magic soup.  The kids probably won’t eat it, but you can freeze it in portions for yourself for days when you’re home alone and don’t know what to eat.  

That last line is really sort of a joke.  When are you home alone when you have kids and a husband?  Ah well, make it a goal to kick everyone out on a Sunday, read a good book (or watch Netflix) and enjoy a peaceful bowl of goodness!  A little “me time” for mamas does you and the rest of the family good!   

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