Sick of Being Sick and Tired?

If it’s one thing that this frigid weather always promises us, it’s a new season of colds and flus. Will I sit idly by while germs start accumulating in my house and seek out my mucous membranes? Hell, no!

Do you want to feel STRONG?  Do you want to feel ROBUST!?

The way I get through the vicious viral season is by pumping up my body with some immune activating herbs and foods! There are a ton of them out there! Right now I’m on Harmonic Arts “Activate”. (… and not a moment too soon, I just heard someone sniffle..)


It helps calm my nerves and build up my immune system in a natural way. It is always a good idea to nourish your body with herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods all year long to build up your strength on a daily basis. Create a resilient body that shields you from the bad bugs out there.

Even though we are all starting to huddle into our homes and sneeze all over one another, take heart, you can have a sick-free season!

Throw a teaspoon of this in your tea, coffee or smoothie!  Activate!

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