Why Every Woman Needs To Get Her Hygge On!

This piece originally appeared as a guest entry on The Drawing Board and was written by Maddie Laberge, of Wickedstep-mom

What the hell does Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) mean?

First, let me ask you 5 quick questions to make sure Hygge is a good fit for you:

1. Are you emotionally burnt out? (You’re on my last nerve, kid!)

2. Does it seem that no matter how hard you try to keep your house clean, the dishes, laundry, and chores just never seem to get under control? (Fold your own fucking laundry!)

3. Are you having a small problem transitioning from the long bright summer days to the 4:30 p.m. sunset? (I go to work in the dark, I drive home in the dark. Does the sun still rise every day?)

4. You were so jazzed about your big salads and smoothies all spring and summer, but now the cold leafy greens and frigid drinks aren’t cutting it. (Where can I get a hot cup of java around here, yo?)

5. Can you relate to this: “It is not your body or your mind that is ailing. It is your soul that is in need of healing.”

Have you had enough busy, mindless days pass you by?


Me too.

Hygge is a Danish word that describes a genuine mood or a feeling. It’s CHOOSING not to be distracted.

In a nutshell, it’s waking up with new eyes to see SIMPLICITY as cozy and meaningful. Being conscious of the present moment and shaping it into an art. You CAN live your life creating soul satisfying rituals!  Tell me, who can’t use a little soul nurturing now and then?

So let’s cut to it and give you 5 easy ways to create some magic:

1. Do you have your own space? A cozy chair? A place where you like to sit and read or watch a movie? Even just the corner on your couch would work! Warm it up with a beautiful soft throw blanket. (Cost of blanket $20-30 IKEA)

Here’s my dog Quinn keeping my chair warm for me. Snuggle in with your favourite pet or partner and just bask in the moment of love!

Don’t let that face fool you, she’s a spoiled brat.

2. Bundle up and take a walk. Nature’s anti-depressant.img_1791 Get off your phone (and your ass), grab your camera and take some pictures of nature! Be mindful of the smell in the air. Now is also a good time to take the advice of one of my kids: “Just think about what you want to think about, not what other people want you to think about.” Here’s a picture of me from a little solo adventure to a ravine near my house. (Cost: FREE!)

3. bookshelfBuy a book shelf. Put things you love on it. Don’t let it get cluttered. Then curl up in your cozy throw blanket and read a good book. Here’s a cross-section of what I read:

booksDiversify and read whatever you’re in the mood for. I usually choose something that makes me ponder my existence or something that makes me laugh. (Cost of book shelf $35 IKEA, and books are cheap at second-hand stores.)

4. Do you own a lamp? Fantastic! Start using it to create some ambiance in your home. Note the box of tissues in the picture? lightingGive yourself one night every month to watch a romantic girly movie and cry your eyes out. Okay, crying ain’t exactly what ‘hygge’ is all about, but being at peace is, and you know what crying can do? Release stress hormones! So have yourself a big ugly cry, sister! I suggest classics like ‘The bridges of Madison County’, or ‘The Notebook’. Whatever works to release those tears with the intention of feeling refreshed afterwards! (Cost: FREE!)

5. Last, but certainly not lease, soft luxurious flannel sheets to keep you warm at night!


Climbing into a cozy bed, taking a deep breath and counting three things you’re grateful for will help lull you into a peaceful slumber. And get your stupid phone out of your room! (Cost of Flannel Sheets: $40 on sale in the summer.)

So the next time you feel your day is becoming stressful, think Hygge!  How will YOU create some hygge in your day today?

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