Parent Tip: How Ice Cream Can Keep You Sane.

The kids have been out of school for the last two weeks. This means the classic phrase comes out of their mouth every day. “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do.” I became exhausted suggesting the usual list. “Go outside!  Read a book! Do your chores! Play with the dog!”


I almost had a nervous breakdown a week into it. I’ll tell you what I did to cure this. I moseyed on over to the grocery store and bought myself a pile of ice cream bars. Now when the kids come upstairs with their sad faces looking to me for some sort of answer to relieve them of their horrible lives that consist of new Christmas toys and days off of school, instead of making suggestions, I simply walk over to the freezer and unwrap myself an ice cream.

I sit down and bite into it while they talk to me and all I hear is, “I’m bored, blah blah blah…” Then I nod and say, “Oh yeah.” Then they say something else, but I have completely tuned them out at this point because all I can think about is the luscious creamy ice cream on my tongue. I nod a bit to appease them. Eventually I look up from my finished ice cream and they have disappeared! It’s like magic!

Sure, I may have gained a few pounds, but guess what? I still have my sanity! Once the kids are back in school, I can lay off the ice cream. 

So for all of you weary parents, do yourself a favour and go get yourself the good stuff. None of that low-fat crap.


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