January’s Step-Mom of the Month!

Did you all know I invented a contest? I DID! Check it out:

Step-Mom of the Month!

And the winner is…..


tammy 2

Why is Tammy so awesome? She wrote me explaining the way she’s tried, and continues to try, to build a strong relationship with her step-son, especially while he’s still young. She also admits there are highs and lows (Lows? Whaaat? No way!). Tammy spends all sorts of time with her step- kid, including attending his hockey games, and offering to pick up food for his school potluck. Etc. Etc. Etc……………………………………

She’s there. She shows up.

The thing that Tammy and I have in common is that neither one of us have biological children. I’m not sure how that makes the experience of step-parenting unique, but I imagine it must be a little bit different?

Because I chose Tammy as the “Step-Mom of the Month”, she was able to choose her free gift (a handcrafted perfume from Yours Truly).


Tammy chose, ‘Namaste’.

Who is going to be February’s Step-Mom of the Month? Go to the CONTACT link (see above) and message me for your chance to win!

Congrats, Tammy! You’re doing a great job!


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