Stepmom of the Month!

Hi ladies!

As a fellow stepmom, I understand what it feels like to think your stepkids don’t appreciated all the hard work you do for them. But I see you stepmom, oh yes…. I see you…. cleaning up messes, cooking meals, and driving them to their extracurricular activities!

You’re amazing!

That’s why I have decided to run a fun and easy contest (open to Canadians and Americans) each month for the year 2019!

Here’s my easy two-step pitch and I think you’re going to like it:

  1. You message me telling me something that you feel was an accomplishment. Nothing is too big or too small. It just has to be a “WIN” as a step mom. *Bonus points if you make me laugh.*
  2. You then follow me on Instagram (@wickedstep_mom) and this blog.

I read all the messages and choose one winner per month to be virtually crowned, “Stepmom of the Month”! As a gift, I then send the lucky lady one of my handcrafted perfumes. The winner will get to choose from six different scents!

Here’s the link so you can check out which one resonates with you:

Sixth Scents Perfumes

I then praise you on social media because you are awesome and everyone should know about it! (Unless you don’t want a public display of affection. In which case I will quietly mail you out the perfume!)

Easy? Fun? You betcha! Start sending me your messages, just hit the CONTACT tab. Also, you can nominate a stepmom friend/wife if they are too shy to boast about themselves.

To read about January’s winner: Tammy, then click here. Also, she chose ‘Namaste’: 


Let’s make this a fun year! Hit the contact button and let me know why you should be the next “Stepmom of the Month”! 


I’m looking forward to your story!



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