February’s Step-Mom of the Month!

It’s time to virtually crown February’s Step-Mom of the Month! And the winner is….. TANA!!


Tana should be wearing a cape at all times. Her mom/stepmom abilities are worthy of a superhero! Having been a young mother, Tana has already raised two sons into successful young men. She is now on round two in her parenting life! (I have to note, she is also a Dog Mom to two large breeds!) But you can’t knock this woman down! Tana finds the energy to chase around her fire cracker of a daughter, while leaving an abundance of room in her heart for her gentle young stepson.

Including her stepson in any family activities possible, the two of them have formed a strong bond. Tana calls him her ‘special boy’, and loves him tremendously. Despite past and present high conflict situations, Tana does what it takes to keep going, keep loving, and keep nurturing her kids.

As the winner of Step-Mom of the Month, Tana will receive a free handcrafted perfume of her choice! Link below:

Sixth Scents Perfumes

If you’re a stepmom, please check out the link below for a chance to win March’s Step-Mom of the Month! It’s easy and fun!

How to become Step-Mom of the Month!

Congratulations, Tana! Your strength, kindness, and love does not go unnoticed!


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