April’s Step-Mom of the Month!


April’s Step-Mom of the Month is….


I’ve never met Abby in person, but I feel like I have a good read on her values from her Instagram and blog: Family, faith, fitness, and fun! I decided immediately… I like this woman!

When Abby messaged me to enter the Step-Mom of the Month contest, I could feel right away that she deserved the virtual crowning. Not only does Abby have two young biological children of her own, she also has three step-kids! One who resides full time with Abby and her husband. ❤

Once an outside-of-the-home career woman, Abby made the choice to be a stay-at-home mom. The blogs she has writAbby4en on her website, abbysblendednest.com, totally resonate with me! Cooking healthy recipes, frugal spending, and faith in her life’s path are among her topics.  

Abby shared that one of the most important things she does to show her step-children how much she cares is to pack them a lunch everyday. Even though she knows they are old enough to do this themselves, she is happy to give this act of kindness. She wants to be a role model of how she believes a mom should be.

Thanks for being so awesome, Abby! Good step-moms don’t just come out of nowhere!

Abby chose Wild Woman Perfume as her free gift!



You can check Abby out on Instagram @myblendednest or her blog: Abbysblendednest.com

To enter May’s Step-Mom of the Month, check out this link: 

How to enter! It’s fun and EASY!


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