May’s Step-Mom of the Month!

May’s Step-Mom of the Month winner is…



What makes Kayla an awesome step-mom? Well let me start with the fact that her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her family showing us snapshots of their active life! I can see where this woman’s values lie!

Kayla shared a bit about her step-parenting journey: She has a six-year-old son of her own, while her handsome other half has brought two sons; ages nine and thirteen, into the relationship. They have his boys 50% of the time. Kayla has been a big part of the boys lives for nearly four years and although she admits blended families come with challenges, it sounds to me like Kayla is making it work!

Kayla2When sharing the string of WINS that she has recently experienced with her boys, a huge amount of excitement came through in her message! She explained how her oldest step-son asked her if she would drive him and his friends to an upcoming semi-formal dance.

I think that as step-moms, we all have moments that make us hold our breath as a breakthrough with our step-kid happens.

This. Was. A. Breakthrough.

In addition, he also asked if she wanted to take him shopping for his outfit! And finally, the icing on the cake…. would she teach him how to Slow Dance! Whaaat?? Now, I know it’s not a competition, but even my two boys who I’ve had for over six years have never asked me to teach them to slow dance! ❤


Sounds to me like this mama is putting in the time and love that it takes to form lasting bonds. And in Kayla’s words, “There is never a dull moment for this boymom!”

Kayla choose Wild Woman Perfume as her free gift!


Congrats, Kayla! You’re doing a great job!


For details on how to enter and have a chance to be virtually crowned June’s Step-Mom of the Month, and have your choice of a beautiful, handcrafted perfume, check out this link!: How to enter! 

(And if you’re wondering, I will not try to sell you more perfumes! Ask any of the prior winners! I’m honouring Step-Moms just for the fun of it and because I could have used a fun contest like this when I was starting out!) ❤


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