A small shift.

I had a small epiphany a moment ago.

I have been throwing a ball to my dog, DayDay, for months now and I thought, “This dog is SO BAD at catching the ball!” I’m comparing her to my other dog of course, because I am a jerk and comparing your dogs or kids to each other is stupid. But I do it, because sometimes I choose to be an unenlightened human being. 

Anyway, today I threw her a new ball. The ball was just a wee bit smaller. And she caught that ball 99% of the time! DayDay wasn’t the problem, it was the ball.


It made me think of situations when I throw my hands in the air and declare, “I need to re-haul this entire thing!”. But here’s the thing: Maybe I don’t need to re-haul, maybe I need to just shift a little. Maybe I need to just downsize a little; be a little more grateful, be a little bit better to strangers, my family, friends, and husband. What if those little difference keep me from dropping the ball?



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