June’s Step-Mom of the Month!

June’s Step-Mom of the Month is…


Jacklyn 1

“I will NEVER date someone with kids”.

That’s what Jacklyn used to say. That is, until this single young woman (who lived with her cat) fell for a man with two young girls. Step-moms are made in all different ways, and from what I’ve seen, it usually begins with falling in love. 

Jacklyn has been in her “instant family” for nearly two and a half years. She fully admits that in the first year she struggled to adjust. (No surprise here, right fellow Mamas?) But in the second year, a routine took shape and there were “way more ups than downs!”

Jacklyn2Spending time reading, watching movies, and camping are among some favourite activities for this family. The occasional living room dance party has also been known to break out!

Jacklyn’s business is health, and it is clear by watching her workout videos and food tips that this strong woman has some serious will-power and discipline! She likes the idea of setting a good example for the kids, noting that sometimes the girls join in on the exercises! 

Jacklyn knows that more challenges are down the road, but she remains dedicated. She’s happy to say that the girls are making her a better person.

“It’s so worth it!”

Great job, Jacklyn! ❤ 










Jacklyn chose Wild Woman Perfume for her free gift! This has been a popular pick!

To enter July’s Step-Mom of the Month, shoot me a quick message letting me know your story! I want to hear it!




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