August’s Step-Mom of the Month!

August’s Step-Mom of the Month is…


Alexandra4Alexandra’s message to me was honest and raw:

“I think waking up every day; and deciding to stand for wholeness, goodness, and love, instead of submitting to the darkness, the hatred, the stress and never ending worry, is my greatest accomplishment.”

What stepparent can’t relate to that statement?

Alexandra shares the same struggles that many stepmoms face: A whirlwind of conflict that blended families can be known to have, discouraging court dates, money spent on attorneys, and emotional lows. Alexandra wishes that women could learn to get along while in these situations for the sake of the children. 

I agree. I think that many stepmoms feel the same way. 



But even through the rough spots, Alexandra is also very clear on why she chose this path: My partner is my very best friend and the most courageous man I know. He is resilient and committed and he makes me laugh like a child. We never have to do much at all to have fun together. He is the greatest thing to happen to me. He gave me the greatest gift… and I will always be grateful for the chance to love this child.” 



Alexandra might be one of the few step parents who raves about her seven-year-old stepson without any mention of challenges within their relationship. “He is so smart, empathetic, thoughtful, inclusive, and brave.” She prays their bond stays strong as they grow through the years together.

“I pray he knows how hard his father and I fought for him every single day.” 

Stepparents who don’t have children with their partner need to remember that they are not required to live this very emotional chapter of life, they have made the choice to stand by their partner and help as best they can. I think that’s worth celebrating.

You sound like you are doing a great job, Alexandra!

Alexandra chose Namaste Perfume as her free gift! 



If you want a chance to win my fun and easy contest and be virtually crowned, “September’s Stepmom of the Month!” then message me about your journey. It doesn’t need to be pretty! My goal is to celebrate stepmoms who are trying their best!


Lean more about the contest here! —>Step-Mom of the Month!



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