September’s Step-Mom of the Month!

September’s Step-Mom of the Month is….



I really like Emma. She writes an open and honest stepmom blog that is spot on! I find myself nodding, laughing, and shaking my head as I, too, have gone through similar challenges that she discusses.

Check it out here—-> This Wonderful Life

“It would have been easy to give up.” 

Who hasn’t thought of running away for a simpler life? I think one of the things we stepmoms have in common is that it’s a hard job to adapt to, (and we are CONSTANTLY trying to adapt!), but we do it for love. We ride the ups and downs and keep coming back because we have fallen in love with a man and we want desperately to figure out how to make it all work.



Emma’s making it work! With six years under her belt, she and her husband started as friends until love took over. “I made the decision to accept his kids early on, but that’s not to say that it hasn’t been difficult.” Emma says they tackle it together as a team and that’s what makes them successful.

Even though Emma and her husband co-parent, and through her blog you can see there are struggles (totally legit!), it sounds to me like she keeps trying to honour and create a respectful relationship with all involved.

“My difficult days, as a stepparent, are made more difficult by my non-biological status, but my victories are sweeter knowing that I’ve earned my place as a stepmom one step at a time.” 

[As a personal sidenote, I have heard several stepmoms talk about how they try or have tried to get along with the biomom. I truly believe this is what most stepmoms want. I know it isn’t simple; the opposite in fact. Very complicated. But stepmoms keep biting their tongues and keep trying to make peace. There is already a constant internal fight we feel as stepmoms. We aren’t looking for more conflict.]

unnamedWhat I liked most about Emma’s story is that she understands how important trust is within her blended family. The trust she has built with her stepkids makes the relationship easier. She feels like the kids appreciate her efforts and that they are all on board with constantly working on and improving their relationship. Emma says the kids follow a different set of rules and parenting styles between homes but she strives to keep the tension out of this arrangement. She understands that being a successful stepmom trumps emotional, blended family glitches from time to time.

My biggest win is the absolute certainly that I am a parent. At the end of the day, yes, my kids slam the door when they’re mad at me and stomp away, but they also get excited when I come home, fling themselves into my arms for hugs and argue with me about eating their vegetables.”

Congrats, Emma! You sound like you’re doing a great job!

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