November’s Stepmom of the Month!

November’s Stepmom of the Month is….



To start off with a “Keepin’ it real” question: Anyone else out there dealing with a HCBM?  (AKA: High Conflict Birth Mother?)

When I received Elaina’s entry, I almost couldn’t believe what she was telling me! Her stories as a stepmom read like some soft of crazy movie! In fact, she’s planning on writing a book about it; and I must say, I’d read that book. *Spoiler alert* I’m sure it will—sadly—involve stories of abuse, court orders, Child Protective Services, and physical attacks. But it will also be about hope and love! My heart goes out to Elaina and her family. She could be the poster woman for how hard this can be. Blended families can face such emotionally draining and complicated times! 

Elaina3Between Elaina and her husband, they have SIX kids! She manages to be a stepmom to three girls, in addition to two of her own biological children and one daughter from their relationship. She is a full-time stepmom. Are you tired just hearing that? Yeah, me too. But wait, they have also thrown in 4 cats, 3 dogs, a ferret, and an Asian Water Dragon! Whaaat??


“I’m exhausted.” Elaina says. 

No s**t! 

Elaina is a writer and is in graduate school. She decided to quit her job to stay home since her family needs a full-time mom.


“I am a fiercely protective mother,” she proudly states. But like many of us in complicated relationships, Elaina admits, “I almost left.”

Many stepmoms can relate and they know this is not an unusual statement. Who hasn’t looked over at their partner (whether you’re a stepmom/biomom, whatever!) and thought this at one time or another?

Life and relationships can be amazing…. and hard!! But Elaina is dedicated and making it work. She realizes that these girls don’t have another mother but her.

“They are MY children.”

Oh, and when I tried to follow up with Elaina to ask for these pictures, she said she had forgotten to send them to me because: “We got a puppy unexpectedly. She was dumped out of a car and into our family, and I’ve been sleep deprived and constantly running around.” 




Who is this woman??

Elaina, I think you are doing an amazing job! Kudos to you!





Elaina chose Wild Woman Perfume as her free gift!


If you want to enter to become December’s Stepmom of the Month, send me a message! It’s easy and fun! Check out the details here: How to enter!

I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



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