December’s Stepmom of the Month!

December’s Stepmom of the Month is…


Stepmomming is all about balance. There will be wins and fails. So when some of us get two wins in a row, we feel pretty good about ourselves and want to share he news!


Samantha’s stepson, who is in the 1st grade, had an oral French presentation that she helped him with. Since she is French, she was happy to be able to advise him, and once she saw the video of his presentation, she knew he exceeded expectations! Samantha literally saw her efforts unfold and felt so proud of her stepson and knew that her influence made a difference.

The second win? It’s a big one! Only weeks ago, Samantha and her partner made it official!


“My (now) fiancee asked me to marry him, and he had my step son actually pull out the ring to give to me. My step son went down on one knee and said “Samantha will you marry us?” And hugged me so hard. That was my biggest win as a stepmom!”

(Sidenote: I saw the video on Instagram. It was beyond adorable!!)

Sam has recently started a blog to write about her journey; just as many of us stepmoms do! We simply want, or maybe need, to connect with other stepparents who share our stories and struggles.

Check it out here:

Between reading her blogs and seeing her pictures on Instagram (@samjhobbs), it looks to me like Sam has happily made a huge commitment to her husband-to-be and her stepson! Here is to wishing her all the best on her continued journey!


Congratulations, Samantha! ❤

Sam has chosen Lavender Lullaby Perfume as her free gift!


Running Stepmom of the Month for the year of 2019 has been a blast! My goal was to connect with, and honour stepmoms.  I have told their stories here on my blog and I’ve had a great time doing it! 

Here’s to welcoming in a new decade and new stories!

Also, my memoir is now out! There’s still time to enter my BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Check out the details by clicking the link below:

Not a Fairy Tale: A Story of Surviving the First Three Years of Being a Stepmom.

Have an fantastic New Year everyone! 



Maddie Laberge

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