The Difference Between Biological Moms and Stepmoms.

I’m not a biological mom. I am a full-time stepmom. Those of my friends who are biomoms tell me that I am having the same experiences that they have with their kids; the same feelings of being overwhelmed, familiar frustrations, chores, and obligations. I believe that’s true. Those who are biological moms do share many of … More The Difference Between Biological Moms and Stepmoms.

August’s Step-Mom of the Month!

August’s Step-Mom of the Month is… Alexandra! Alexandra’s message to me was honest and raw: “I think waking up every day; and deciding to stand for wholeness, goodness, and love, instead of submitting to the darkness, the hatred, the stress and never ending worry, is my greatest accomplishment.” What stepparent can’t relate to that statement? … More August’s Step-Mom of the Month!