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Sixth Scents Perfumes


Before rows of synthetic fragrances and colognes lined department store shelves, many perfumes were developed using the pure essence of flowers, fruits, spices, leaves, seeds, woods, resins, and gums.

I have taken the wisdom of this tried and true practice to develop ancient style essential oil perfumes. Because these perfumes contain the exquisite jojoba oil as the carrier -rather than the standard alcohol, coloring agents, fixatives, and preservatives- these botanical scents will tend to linger closer to your body.

While many of us suffer from allergies and are bombarded with the assault of abrasive chemical smells in our air, you can rest assured that the re-connection with these subtle aromatic scents of nature are 100% pure and free from irritating synthetics.

This is a perfume for you and your pleasure. The delicate undertone that the oils leave on your skin will not soon be forgotten. If someone brushes past you, whispers in your ear or holds you close, they may also share in this beautiful moment.

Let your sixth sense guide you to which perfume is meant for you. Choose while trusting your intuition…

Lavender Lullaby 

A bedtime perfume. Gentle yet effective, the organic True Lavender essential oil used in this mix has been grown in the rich flowery pristine fields of Oregon. Among several benefits, lavender is a well-known scent that helps to quiet the mind and lull you into a relaxed and peaceful state. A few tender dabs to the skin and you’ll be drifting off into dreamland in no time.




There are times in our lives when it is difficult to think clearly.  When life keeps moving and a job needs to get done, or an important task needs your full attention, this formula will be your answer. Free from the crashes of caffeine, the ancient and wise scent of Frankincense holds down this blend as the base note. Rosemary has been known to increase concentration levels and focus, while Lemon gives a clean clear scent to uplift your spirit. The simple touch of Cedar Atlas will strengthen your nerves and you will feel confident in your abilities when you use Focus.




The perfect perfume to help unit the body and spirit, whether you need to sit quietly and meditate or feel your body move to the practice of yoga.  With the first dab to your wrist, the fresh scent of orange will soothe any tension away. You will then sense the floral and uplifting notes of Geranium that will comfort and soften your heart. Frankincenses’ deep and primal resinous aroma captures and holds this formula together. With every inhale, let peace enter your mind. Unwind, exhale, and breathe. Clear the day’s distractions away and connect with spirit.


Wild Woman


A wild woman doesn’t smell like a simple flower. Her scent is sweet, yet deep and earthy. A wild woman makes you look twice and keeps you longing for more. The Indigenous peoples used Poplar Balsam to help heal the body; this blend uses this thick resinous Absolute as an indulgent precious oil base note. It evokes a sweet and woody scent. The heart of the formula is vanilla, which has a history of lifting one’s mood, and libido.  A top note of pink grapefruit will give the final flair to the wild woman who wears this perfume.




The perfect scent for the man who finds his peace among the trees.  A man who would rather be out in nature, than in a cubicle. In this profound cologne, the soulful grounding scent of the Canadian Black Spruce intertwines with the tranquility of the Cedar wood Atlas trees that are native to Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. A hint of lime lightens this combination for a true breath of fresh air.


Headache Relief


The combination of oils used in this blend are waiting to help you with pain relief.  Upon inhalation, Eucalyptus may help open the sinus cavities and airways to aid in decreasing aching pressure. With Peppermint’s cooling affect, dabbing directly onto the forehead may soothe muscle contractions and put your mind at ease. This fresh and light formula finishes with a lavender swirl to calm the nerves. Leave a roll-on in your desk at work and another in your purse for easy access. Pair the perfume with a warm Epsom salt bath for a gentle yet effective healing sensation.


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