"You're doing a great job!"

Who am I?

Not a Fairy Tale LaunchWelcome fellow Stepmoms! 

If you want to know a bit more about me:

My name is Maddie!

Originally I started this blog in 2015 to write about my lifestyle and healthy recipes as I was working as a Holistic Nutritionist, but as of January 2019, I re-vamped! I have been a full time stepmom for seven years. This blog is now solely dedicated to stepmoms everywhere. I am here to write about the experience of being a stepmom with the intention of creating an online community. It’s important to have support, as stepmommin’ ain’t easy.

Let’s keep the vibration up!

I may have had a couple of glasses of wine before this picture was taken.

Hopefully my blog will help you laugh about the hard times, ponder the parenting aspect to raising kids you did not give birth to, and help you feel like there are others who are right here with you! You can also check me out on Instagram: @wickedstep_mom

You are not alone, and I bet you are doing a great job!




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